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We offer a full range of food & drink photography services for restaurants, bistros, bars, cafés, bakeries and other venues. We will work with your budget and welcome projects of any size and food-related interests for menus, blogs, cookbooks, websites, and any other social media marketing and printed media mix.

Working out of the home photo studio in Windsor, ON (or traveling for location photo shoots), we also offer assistance with food styling to help your newly established or existing business get the look you want to stay competitive and have an impressive visual presentation of your culinary creations.

We all know that people "eat with their eyes." Our job is to give your customers the best feast their eyes have ever seen with honest, real and irresistible food images that will attract them to your establishment.

  • Food Photography for the restaurants, bistros, lounges, cafés and hospitality industry
  • Food Photography for gourmet blogs, cookbooks and cookbook Proposals
  • Food Styling for food producers and retailers
  • Food Photography for Chef’s Portfolios
  • Food Photography for social media marketing to effectively enhance sales

Pictures speak louder than words

It is an old cliché but we ll know it is true.  A single image can be a powerful tool that can quickly bring to the forefront your menu's "hidden gems". Not enough orders on a specific drink or appetizer? Let us photograph it so you can showcase it to your customers in a way they won't be able to resist.
"Don't forget that with the around the clock dominance of social media, Photos are Worth a Million Likes".
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Make your service tangible

As all marketers, especially those in the service industries will know, it is essential to make your service as tangible as possible. What we mean by this is to give your service, whatever it may be, a tangible and physical element so customers have something to hold or see.
Whether you are marketing a hotel chain or promoting a restaurant, food photography is a fantastic way of making your service tangible. Especially when used on menus, appointment cards and as table decorations.
Food photography on all printed and digital literature is the best way to show your customers and quality of the service they are going to receive at your establishment.Use of exciting and innovative food imagery on your website can also have a huge benefit when your customers are comparing your establishment to that of the competition. You can really set your venue apart from the rest with good photography.

So Important To Hospitality Marketing

Food photography is a fantastic way of creating and reinforcing these personality traits and then communicating them with your target audience.

Some interesting ways we have seen this done is shown below. The restaurant wanted to show the care and attention that goes into each dish, so we shot images which demonstrated their ‘hands-on’ approach to the food they created.
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Food Styling

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