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Sell more with quality photography and never fail to impress with your visual presentation

Plated dishes, appetizers, soups and salads

Upgrade to tempting with fresh, playful or high-end menu images. It may just be the boost you need to bring more customers to your door. View my work and if you like what you see, let's talk about your menu makeover!

A Menu That Speaks

"... Do not eat out much but decided to visit this new bistro across town. They didn't have a menu on-line, so we had no idea what to expect. Well, we ended up listening to a lengthy explanation of each dish on the specials' menu. Would have been a whole lot easier to flip through some photos of the salads and appetizers instead!"
If you don't want a review like this one about your bistro, let me work on your menu photos and your customers won't miss out on the unique flair and personality of your cuisine. Through thoughtful quality and care of every food photo shoot, I will help you enhance your brand and give more exposure to specific menu items.
slava_shamanoff1.jpg   Slava Shamanoff, Photographer


Want to increase sales of an originally crafted cocktail, beer or wine at your bar or restaurant? We can help by creating photos that are good enough to drink!

A Perfect Drink Image

"...Fantastic! Came up with a great cocktail idea but all the shots that I took myself did not do any justice to this airy and perfect summer drink that will be featured in our bar & grill lounge. So hard to show the personality of the drink in its unique surroundings."
I hear you, loud and clear. You are entering the realm of creative ideas to catch the eye and attract the imagination of your customers to something new and alluring. To accomplish this, requires both flawless visual and technical set up and execution. Love working on projects like this!
slava_shamanoff1.jpg   Slava Shamanoff, Photographer

Desserts,  pastries & baking goods

Go for the honest and stunning view: your dessert menu deserves the best angles to show off the delicious curves in the best light. If you like what you see, get in touch with us and request an estimate for your on-line or print dessert menu.

Close-up to the Rescue!

..."I heard from a friend about this new bakery and that they were offering unique and healthy dessert selection. I was looking for that perfect dessert for my husband's birthday, so I went to check their website. They didn't have any photos and the description wasn't enough: I really wanted to see what kind of cake and filling they could do with the ingredients listed.  Eventually, I gave up on the idea and went with a frozen dessert from a local grocery store that came in a box - with a pretty sectional photo."
Make your customers' lives easier and let me work on a series of rich close-ups and eye-popping sectional shots of your cakes, tarts, squares and pies. I will capture the details of your sweet creations in the right lighting to make your customers choose you, not your competition.
slava_shamanoff1.jpg   Slava Shamanoff, Photographer

Design and Advertisement

Never know what you end up with until you try, and I am all for trying and experimenting with different ideas. Let's talk and turn "just a thought" into a delicious promotional image!
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