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We work with your budget

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What we do and how much we charge

We offer a full range of food & drink photography services for restaurants, bistros, bars, cafés, bakeries and other venues. We will work with your budget and welcome projects of any size and food-related interests from menus, blogs, cookbooks, websites, to any other marketing, social and/or printed media mix.

Working out of our home studio in Windsor, ON (or traveling on location photo shoots), we also offer assistance with food styling to help you get the look you want to stay competitive and have an impressive visual presentation of your culinary creations.

Our prices are based either on an hourly rate, or on rate per image. You decide what works best for you and tell us. To provide you with an estimate, we need to carefully consider many factors, such as:

  • number of images you need per item
  • where the images will be used (web, print, targeted ads, etc.)
  • type of food being photographed and location of the shoot
  • if different backgrounds, environments, lifestyle shots, etc. are needed
  • complexity and types of shots (single or multiple items)
  • level of post-production and retouch required
  • if food styling services are required

Hourly rate, on-location shoot

The "well-organized" pricing option: I charge per hour, and you decide on the number of dishes and images per item you need me to shoot during a set time at your bar, restaurant, café, bistro or any other on location venue. There is no set-up fee for orders of $400.00, which usually includes up to 4 hours of work.

Per image, in-studio shoot

If you are looking for in-studio photo shoot - this per image pricing option is for you. You decide on the number of dishes you will bring to my studio, the type of background you need, and I could spend hours setting up a specific angle just for one shot and you still pay per image. This is where bulk discounts happen!

Custom for creative

Creative and advertising food photography assignments are as fun to work on as they are demanding and time consuming if you really want to achieve a unique advertising shot.  This requires customized pricing and a detailed roadmap for the idea behind the shot, layout, food and prop styling in order to get the storyline jump out of the frame.

A few ideas to help you scale down on cost

You'd be surprised to learn that sometimes (especially with my per image rates), getting more photos may actually be cheaper than getting "just a few". But if you need to, you can always go without a food styling option, opt for a simpler items combination/no lifestyle shots, or request only a basic retouch - all that will certainly help lower the total cost.
"Your limited budget doesn't make my work on your menu images less important: you are guaranteed quality, professional and stunning food photographs, even on a reduced budget."
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